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Program Information

The PMPCP/Ed runs for eight months. The program is comprised of the following courses: Western Culture and Society; Professional Speaking; Professional Reading; Professional Writing; Professional Listening; Academic Writing; Introduction to Education Studies; and Research on Teaching.

PMPC 6F01 Western Culture and Society 
An examination of the acculturation process experienced by international candidates studying in a North American educational setting. The course focuses on Western ‘academic culture’ and draws heavily upon the relevant literature to illustrate how culture is transmitted and transacted in a Western educational milieu.
PMPC 6P10 Professional Speaking 
Development of the required confidence for full participation in classroom interactions, presentations and collaborative pedagogy of graduate studies.
PMPC 6P11 Professional Reading 
The achieving of a better understanding of vocabulary, word usage and reading strategies such as main idea, author's purpose and supporting details. Focus on increasing reading ability with advanced vocabulary development, word and dictionary usage, structural analysis, additional pre-reading and reading strategies such as outlines, inferences and conventions of North American academic written work.
PMPC 6P12 Professional Writing 
An interdisciplinary approach to writing. Exploration of the different stages of the writing and publishing cycle in relation to individual interests. Achieving a sense of self as writer.
PMPC 6P13 Professional Listening 
Improvement of listening skills through exposure to a wide range of listening materials, such as taped speeches, songs, radio and television shows, and mock lectures. Improvement of English comprehension by using English in a conversational academic setting.
PMPC 6P14 Academic Writing 
An interdisciplinary approach to scholarly writing and publishing in higher education. Focus is on developing and honing the necessary academic writing skills expected within North American graduate programs.
EDUC 1F90 Introduction to Education Studies
An examination of historical and contemporary critical issues in the organization, staffing and planning of schools, and school services in a North American context.
EDUC 4P15 Research on Teaching
How educational research has contributed to the development of teaching.Students learn how to critique, plan, and organize qualitative and quantitative research.




Grant-writing workshops
May 28, 2015 - 9:00am - 4:30pm
Eleftherios (Terry) Soleas M.Ed. Thesis Defence
June 15, 2015 - 10:00am - 12:30pm