Faculty of Education


Learning Lab personnel investigate each client’s current reading and writing performance and write a report recommending how the client can learn to read and write better. Support from the Faculty of Education at Brock University, as well as funds from grants and service programs, help the Learning Lab keep down the costs of the assessment.

Step 1: Contact by the Client
When a client contacts the Learning Lab, a representative will conduct an initial interview over the phone.
Step 2: Contact by the Case Manager
A Reading Clinic case manager will contact the client to schedule an initial meeting.
Step 3: Intake Interview
Clients and their families meet with the director of the Learning Lab and a case manager to complete the intake interview. During this session, relevant medical and educational information is gathered. Clients are encouraged to discuss their concerns about learning to read and write.
Step 4: Literacy Assessment
Clients at the Learning Lab complete an extensive series of literacy tests.
Step 5: Confidential Report and Exit Interview
Families meet with the director of the Learning Lab and the case manager to receive and review the report.
Child learning to read


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