What is a Meal Plan?
Meal Plans are mandatory in traditional residences (DeCew, Lowenberger, Vallee & Earp) with a basic tax-exempt, non-refundable portion of range of $3600 - $4450. 

Flex dollars can be purchased with a Meal Plan. Flex dollars will automatically roll over to the next academic year unless a refund is requested. Those leaving Brock or graduating can request a refund of Flex Dollars by visiting the Brock Card Office.

Students living in  Village and Quarry View residence are required to purchase $300 Flex Dollars (this is already added to the students fee calculator). However, students living in non-traditional residences have the option of purchasing the Townhouse plan of $2000 or a full meal plan of $3600 - $4450. This  amount is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Where can I use my Meal Plan?
The Meal Plan's flexibility allows you to use it at all of our food service locations: DeCew & Lowenberger Dining Halls, the Guernsey Market, Hungry Badger and Cairns.

What are the benefits?
Savings - Purchasing a Meal Plan will save you money. Meal Plans are tax free so you save 13% on most of your food purchases on campus.
Convenience - You do not have to carry cash on campus.
Flexibility - You can use your Meal Plan at all of our locations.
Security - If your card is lost or damaged, just let Brock Card know and they will put a hold on your account so no one will be able to use your Flex Dollars. To re-activate your card, please come and see Brock Card located in the bottom of the tower next to the Guernsey Market.

How do I pay for my Meal Plan?
Sign up for your plan. The cost of your meal plan will automatically be added to your student account (in addition to the residence room fee).  In late October or November, you'll receive a statement from the University with any additional amounts owing.However, if you are living in a non-traditional residence such as Village or Quarry View and would like to puchase a meal plan you must fill out the meal plan form and send it into the one card office and then it will be added to your student account.

Where do I get my Meal Plan card?
Your meal card is your Brock student ID card. Bring it with you when you visit our locations as you will not be able to use your Meal Plan without it.

How do I activate my Meal Plan?
No activation is required.

Where to find us?
Throughout the year, come and see us at our main office in the DeCew Residence located upstairs beside the Dining Hall. Our regular office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The Brock Card Office is located at the bottom floor of the Tower in the Marketplace.

How can I pay for Flex Dollars that is not part of a Meal Plan?
Brock Card accepts cash, cheque (made payable to Brock University), debit and credit card (Visa or Mastercard). Credit card info can be mailed, emailed (brockcard@brocku.ca), phoned in (905-688-5550 x4770) or faxed (905-688-2110). Students, parents, faculty and staff can add funds by credit card online by visiting www.brocku.ca/card

What if I have food allergies or special dietary needs?
We deal with many allergies and special needs. Please speak to your Dining Hall manager, listed under "Contact Us," so we can accommodate your needs.

I have this form that I received in the mail, what do I do with it?
If you did not complete and return a form at Smart Start, please complete it and return it to Brock Card. This will help us get started in setting up you Meal Plan account.

Is there a sign-up deadline?
Please submit your sign up form to Brock Card as soon as possible. There are usually line-ups in September, so it's best to set up your Meal Plan/Flex Dollars in the summer. However, Flex Dollars can be added at any time throughout the year by visiting https://card.brocku.ca.

Can I bring a guest and use my Meal Plan?
You can use Flex Dollars to pay for your guest's meal. Meal Plan dollars are for your meals only.

Is PST/GST extra?
No tax is applied when you purchase a Meal Plan or Flex Dollars; tax is applied when you make retail purchases based on what you are buying. Meal Plan purchases are tax exempt.

Can I pay cash for meals or use Flex Dollars?
Yes you can.

How will the cashier know if I'm using my Meal Plan or Flex Dollars?

For your convenience and speed of service, the cash register is programmed to use your Meal Plan first at DeCew/Lowenberger Dining Halls, Hungry Badger, Guernsey Market and Cairns. At Tim Horton's, it will automatically deduct from Flex dollars.

How will I know how much money I have left on my card?
The cash register display displays the combined meal plan and Flex Dollars you have left and you can go online to check your Flex dollar balance by visiting https://card.brocku.ca. You can also ask for a balance check by calling the Brock Card Office during business hours.

Can I add Flex Dollars at any time?
Yes. You can add any amount of flex dollars to your card at any time throughout the year.  You can add funds online, 24/7 on the secure Brock Card site https://card.brocku.ca. 

Can I change my Meal Plan?
Our Meal Plans have a Basic amount of $3600 plus $300 Flex dollars, which is refundable. Therefore, you don't need to change it. However, please contact the Brock Card Office (905-688-5550 x4770) or Brock Dining Services (905-688-5550 x3372) if you have any questions.

What if I move out of residence or leave school before the end of the year?
If this happens, please let the Brock Card office (905-688-5550 x4770) know. They will confirm with the Department of Residences and issue a refund based on a prorated monthly amount minus an administration fee.

Does Flex Dollars/Meal Plan carry over to next year or do I get a refund?
Meal Plan Dollars will automatically rollover to the next academic year, however these transferred dollars become taxable Dining Service Dollars after the rollover.  Flex Dollars will automatically roll over to the next academic year unless a flex dollar refund has been requested through the Brock Card Office. Should you leave Brock, any unused meal plan dollars are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What if I lose my card?
If your card is lost or stolen, you may deactivate your card to protect your Flex Dollars and Meal Plan funds by visiting  https://card.brocku.ca and using the 'Deactive Card' feature, or you may contact the Brock Card Office for more information and assistance during business hours.  If your card is damaged, bring it with you to the Brock Card Office and a replacement card can be printed (depending on damage, fees may apply).  If you find your lost card, contact the Brock Card Office for assistance in reactivating  your card.

Am I able to use my meal plan at all of your locations?
The only locations you are unable to use meal plan dollars is at Tim Hortons and the C-Store located in Lowenberger, all other locations you are able to use meal plan dollars on items that qualify.

Can I use my meal plan dollars for any food item at your locations?
Food items that can be purchased using meal plan dollars include all entrees, STG meal items, late night food bars, single confectionary items if purchased with an entree (ie. small bag of chips with a burger), white milk, juice and baked goods.

Don't see your question here?
Please come and see Brock Card located in Market  Hall beside the Guernsey Market or you can also contact us at 905-688-5550 x4770 or (brockcard@brocku.ca). 

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If you have any dietary/allergy concerns, our dining hall managers are more than willing to work with you to customize your own meal options.


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