DCB (Declining Cash Balance)/Flex Dollars

DCB (Declining Cash Balance)/Flex Dollars

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Declining Cash Balance/Flex Dollars is for anyone on campus including students, staff and faculty. It is the flexible, no-worry alternative to carrying cash. Fast and convenient, all you need to do is Swipe n' Go. It works the same as a debit card but without transaction costs and monthly fees. Please note that you can add any amount of DCB/Flex Dollars to your card at any time throughout the year.

Accepted Locations

DeCew & Lowenberger Dining Halls
Hungry Badger
The Guernsey Market
Tim Hortons
All BUSU food service outlets
Lowenberger Laundry Room 

Off Campus

Please visit https://www.brocku.ca/card/about/where-can-i-use-it for an updated list on off campus vendors.

What are the benefits?
- You no longer have to carry cash on campus 
Flexibility -
You can use your DCB/Flex Dollars at more than 16 locations
Security -
If it's lost or damaged, contact the Brock Card Office located in DeCew Residence. They will deactivate your card to protect your funds & replace your card with a new one. 
Multi-Use - Good for food, laundry in Lowenberger, toiletry items, etc


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Did You Know?

DCB can now be added to your Brock Card at any time. It's easy! Just visit https://card.brocku.ca.


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