Sustainability is the delicate balancing act of satisfying human needs today while protecting the environment for future generations. A sustainable approach requires careful consideration of environmental impact at every stage of the life cycle of a product or process from creation through use, recycling, reuse to eventual safe return to the environment. By its very nature, a sustainable approach is often efficient in its use of resources, and significantly healthier than alternatives.

Brock Dining Services is ahead of the curve of college and university dining services in terms of integrating sustainability into its operations. We are deeply committed to sustainable practices.

Our efforts include:

  • Elimination of all styrofoam use
  • Environmentally friendly SCA tissues
  • Biodegradable take-out containers
  • Recyclable and biodegradable packaging
  • Green cleaning solutions
  • Fair Trade certified campus
  • Use of local ingredients whenever possible
  • Fair trade & organic coffee
  • Sorting & composting organic materials

Help us with these initiatives by recycling all food packaging and items into their proper bins around campus.


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Did You Know?

We have eliminated all styrofoam use at our dining locations on campus and now use biodegradable take-out containers.


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