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Theatre-Style Classrooms


Our theatre-style rooms have all seating facing forward. Some of these classrooms are tiered and some have flat floors. All have seats that have the moveable desktops that fold to the side of the chair. We have 20 classrooms in this category that range in size from 20 -385. The flat floored theatre classrooms have flexible non fixed seating that can be moved. Full audiovisual is capable in these rooms.


Room Room-Type Capacity Half Day Full Day
TH241 Theatre- Tiered 45 $100 $125
WH209 Theatre - Flat floored 70 $125 $150
TH242 Theatre - Tiered 177 $175 $200
TH325 Theatre - 100% accessible sloped floor 315 $300 $350
TH247 Theatre - Tiered 385 $300 $350

Please note that the rates above are for room rental only and do not include equipment usage, delivery/set up charges or technical support.  Additionally, all meeting and function spaces are subject to applicable taxes.
Conference Services reserves the right to change the stated rates.


TH325 venue

This venue is well-loved for its size and functionality.

The attendees were royally treated by you and your staff. The food was plentiful and well prepared. The overall service was very professionally conducted. Karolyn Frost, Harriet Tubman Institute