International Student On-Campus Housing (May to August 2016)

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International Student On-Campus Housing (May to August 2016)



The Benefits
  • Walk to your classes
  • 24 hour campus security
  • Flexibility with your arrival and departure dates for international travel
  • 24/7 front desk for your arrival and departure
  • Pre-order an optional care package (cookware and dinnerware)
  • Room with other students taking courses

The Accommodation Cost

Accommodation for 60 or more nights is $21.00/night and  30-59 nights in a row is $25.25/day night.   Payment must be made in full on arrival by cash, debit, traveller's cheques, bank draft, personal cheque(with student number) or credit card.  The assignment is guaranteed to be with guests of the same gender.  Housemate requests are accepted.  Taxes are not applicable.  No payments are to be made by student account.

International Student Housing Information Brochure

Click here to read the brochure

How to make a reservation?

Click here to go to our reservation form (Pre-order your care package and linens when you make your reservation)

What's included in a care package, the cost and how do I pre-order?
For students arriving from outside of the country you can pre-order a care package that has basic cookware and dinnerware to be provided to you on arrival when you make a reservation online at The cost is $50 and you can keep these items.  Additionally, you can sign out linens for your use during your stay if you purchase a care package.

What does the care package include?
These items are yours to keep during and after your departure.

-dinnerware (1 cup, 1 cereal bowl, 1 plate, 1 glass, 1 knife, 1 fork, 1 spoon)
-cookware (1 frying 1 pan, 1 pot with lid,1 cutting knife, 1 spatula)
-cleaning supplies (1 small dish soap, 1 wash cloth, 1 drying towel)
-1 roll of toilet paper, 1 bar soap, 1 large garbage bag, 1 small garbage bag, 3 hangers

Click here to see the agreement you will sign on arrival.

What about linens for my bed?

If you purchase a care package it includes the use of linens.  You can sign out bed linens on arrival for your use during your stay.   The student is responsible for laundering the linens.  The $50 charge is only for the use of the linens during your stay on campus. If you do not return and sign the linens in a $100 charge will be applied to your student account.

The package includes:  1 top sheet, 1 bottom sheet, 1 pillow, 1 pillowcase, 1 blanket, 1 comforter

Click here to see the agreement you will sign on arrival.

How to get to the university?
The Brock University Conference Centre does not provide transportation from the airport or other transportation terminals for students arriving from outside the country.  If you wish to make your own transportation arrangements from the airports in the area you can do so at  


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International Students

Stay on campus in a safe and secure residence. Single private bedroom. Walk to your classes

Just a quick note to say that [my daughter] checked in to her Quarry View unit yesterday. This year, once again, we were delighted to find the rooms in very clean condition ready for occupancy! As I have said before, I have seen lots of university rooms that were apparently "ready" for the students to move in, but none have been as well cleaned and prepared as these! Thank you to you and your staff!--Happy Mother of a Student