Laundry and Mail in QV

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Laundry and Mail in QV


There are 2 laundries in Quarry View residence located in Block 3 and 5 in the basement.  You will receive a laundry access card on arrival and it will allow you to access the room.  A load will cost you $1.50.  You will need to fill up your student card at the one card office in the Market Place or online by credit card.  If you are a guest that does not have a student card then purchase a laundry card at the front desk which you can refill as you require this by going to the One Card office and adding as much as you wish to the card.

Have your mail delivered to the Conference Centre

This year we are requesting that guests have any packages or mail delivered to the Conference Centre Front Desk.  We will call you when it arrives.

The address should read as follows:

Your Name, Quarry View Unit and Room Number (ie 1A)

c/o Brock University Conference Centre

500 Glenridge Ave., St. Catharines, Ontario L2S 3A1   CANADA

Staying for a while and want a key to the mailboxes?

This option is available for guests staying over 60 nights that would like to have access to a mailbox.  These requests can be made directly to Jeannine D'Amico ( for a key during your stay.

If you have a key then the following is the way that mail will be addressed to find its way to you.  Canada Post delivers to these boxes and there is a $10 charge for missing keys.

Guest First and Last Name
Quarry View Residence Unit # ____,
5 John Macdonell St., St. Catharines, ON L2T 4E4




Just a quick note to say that [my daughter] checked in to her Quarry View unit yesterday. This year, once again, we were delighted to find the rooms in very clean condition ready for occupancy! As I have said before, I have seen lots of university rooms that were apparently "ready" for the students to move in, but none have been as well cleaned and prepared as these! Thank you to you and your staff!--Happy Mother of a Student

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