Martin Luther Chapel

Martin Luther Chapel altar and crucifixChapel Schedule, Winter 2016

At the heart of the seminary and its life stands Martin Luther Chapel. Here, students, faculty and staff gather for worship every day that classes are in session. The focus is on our triune God and the atonement accomplished for us by Jesus Christ on the cross. We sing Matins, Morning Prayer, and other minor offices each week, and celebrate Holy Communion on festivals.

Pastoral ministry students are involved as worship leaders and lectors in every service; they also share with faculty and area pastors in preaching. Thus they gain much valuable experience in the many aspects of leading public worship, an important part of the public ministry. By using all the services and hymns in Lutheran Service Book, the seminary community becomes thoroughly familiar with the liturgical tradition of our church. And by regular immersion in the Word of God and Communion with Him through Jesus' true Body and Blood, their formation into ministers of Christ is enriched.

We also warmly invite Brock University students to join us for daily chapel. As the only place in the university offering regular Christian worship, our proclamation of the Gospel is a mission to enquirers, and offers pastoral care and spiritual nourishment to Lutheran and other Christian young people who are away from their home churches.

OrganMusic plays an important role in Lutheran worship. At the centre of the seminary's music programme stands the 8-rank Pole and Kingham organ, which leads the seminary community in its singing. The presence of the organ and the excellent acoustics of the chapel make it a place frequently used by Brock University for concerts and music classes. In addition, the seminary hosts a series of chamber concerts each year for the community at large.

The Seminary Choir rehearses weekly in the chapel and prepares special music both for the daily services and other seminary events. All first-year pastoral ministry students are required to sing in the choir; for others, participation is voluntary.