Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Purpose:
The overall goal of Community Learning is to fostering a culture of life-long learning in the Niagara Region.
The following core beliefs guide our approach:
o   We believe that learning should be an active and social process
o   We see all people as learners AND teachers
o   We root our programs in hands-on learning, dialogue, and collaboration
o   We value diversity and difference as necessary for learning
For a deeper look at our philosophies and areas of work please click here.
Working alongside Youth University Community Outreach, we are active in reaching our goals through many different programs and partnerships. Community Learning is excited to offer a wide selection of community conversations and hands-on learning experiences for individuals and families.
Youth University addresses the needs of Niagara youth and priority schools with community events, in school, and after school programming. Please visit the Youth University Community Outreach website for more information on their programs.




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