Joe Murphy Q & A

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Joe Murphy Q & A

Sector and Job description:

Business Development Coordinator at Innovate Burlington, a Burlington based career accelerator operating as a marketing consultancy & Co-Owner of M2 Decks & Fences, a Hamilton based construction company specializing in, you guessed it, decking & fencing projects.

Where is your hometown?

Binbrook, ON which is technically part of Hamilton, ON.

How did you benefit from the co-op program?

It provided me with work experience, which helped build my resume, helped me determine areas of interest and DISinterest, and helped me build a strong & valuable network of professionals.

Best memory of your time at Brock University?

I have many, but those which standout are playing Varsity Rugby, placing 2nd at the EDGE Business Competition, participating in the 1st annual Monster Pitch, and of course my co-op placements with BlackBerry.

Advice to current co-op students?

Build your networks! The people you work with in placements today are future employers, references, and business partners. Build relationships with them.

Future career goals and aspirations?

I would love to start-up, build, operate, and sell businesses - contributing to the economical success of my hometown and surrounding areas.

Bachelor of Administration Alumni Joseph Murphy

Bachelor of Administration Alumni Joe Murphy