Dr. Ralph Brown

Dr. Ralph Brown

CCOVI Fellow
Professor and Graduate Coordinator
School of Engineering, College of Physical and Engineering Science, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ont.
Email: rbbrown@uoguelph.ca
Phone: 519-824-4120 x 53922
Fax: 519-836-0227

BSc (Agr), University of Guelph (Crop Science), Guelph, Ont.
MSc, University of Guelph (Crop Science), Guelph, Ont.
BSc (Eng), University of Guelph (Biological Engineering), Guelph, Ont.
PhD, University of Guelph (Biological Engineering), Guelph, Ont.

Bioinstrumentation Design
Engineering Design IV (F,W)
Engineering Systems Modelling and Simulation

Instrumentation, remote sensing and applied geomatics in precision viticulture.

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • Reynolds, A., Marciniak, M., Brown, R.B., Tremblay, L. and L. Baissas. 2009. Using GPS, GIS and Airborne Imaging to Understand Niagara Terroir. Proceedings of 16th GiESCO International Symposium, University of California, Davis, CA. July 12-16. 16pp.
  • Ryerson, R., Schwebs, S., Brown, R.B., Boles, S. and M. Duncan. 2008. The Commercialization of Remote Sensing and GIS for Vineyard Management: A Simple But Powerful Application of Change Detection. Presented at Am. Soc. Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Annual Conference, Portland, OR. May
  • Brown, R.B and S. Boles. 2007. GPS, GIS and Remote Sensing: Geospatial Technologies for Precision Viticulture. Wine East 35(4): 14-22.


Dr. Ralph Brown