Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

CCOVI’s undergraduate and graduate research programs provide Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) with experience in cutting edge research in oenology, fermentation, viticulture and sensory science, combined with almost 12 months of real industry experience through required Co-op workterms.

Over the years, several HQP have been trained through CCOVI from the research laboratories of Drs. Reynolds, Pickering and Inglis. With the training received by our undergraduates and their strong research skills, their competitive edge has resulted in a job placement rate of over 90% as winemakers, oenologists, assistant winemakers, vineyard managers, sensory scientists as well as sales and marketing personnel in various aspects of the grape and industry. These graduates are located across Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are also either working directly in the industry as winemakers or in research or academic institutes.

View from Students
A mature student working as a vineyard manager says...
"Committed instructors allow for learning information that can be applied to work. The molecular processes of plant physiology and wine chemistry relate to work in the vineyard or at the winery."

A 4th year OEVI student says...
"The enjoyment of wine brought me to this program.You learn how to make, enjoy, and understand wine as well as the other areas of science. I'm enjoying the variety of courses."

A 3rd year OEVI student says...
"A passion for wine encouraged me to take OEVI. Excellent education about the industry prepares well-rounded employees. I plan to be a winemaker at a winery."

Assistant winemaker in Niagara-on-the-Lake says...
"The Certificate program influenced my decision to choose CCOVI at Brock. Great first hand experiences through small classes prepared me for my career. Networking with wineries, winemakers, professors, and students is beneficial."

Senior laboratory demonstrator in St.Catharines says…
"OEVI seemed relevant with Niagara’s rapidly growing wine industry. There's a sense of community due to the small class sizes."