Honours Bachelor of Science

Honours Bachelor of Science

Brock University, through the Department of Biological Sciences, offers an undergraduate program that leads to an Honours BSc in Oenology and Viticulture. This Program is designed to meet the growing needs of the grape and wine industries of cool climate regions. The aim of the program is to provide a comprehensive scientific education as well as practical skills in Oenology and Viticulture together with exposure to marketing, tourism and wine appreciation. Since "wine begins in the field and ends in the glass", our graduates will be trained to work in the vineyard and the winery or may become owners and operators of vineyards and wineries. A unique feature of this program is its strong base in biotechnology which has been used for centuries in fermentation and the making of bread, wine and cheese. It encompasses the scientific disciplines pertaining to the grape and wine industry such as sensory science, biochemistry, chemistry, microbiology, genetics, cell and molecular biology, plant physiology and environmental biology. The program can enable our graduates to pursue higher education in any of these disciplines.

Co-operative Education Program
The Oenology and Viticulture Program considers industry experience to be an essential part of our students' preparation. In order to gain that experience all students must complete three Co-op work terms. Each student is required to do at least one work term in a vineyard setting and one at a winery during the harvest and crush. The remaining work term may be in any approved aspect of the grape and wine industry.

These work terms will be paid positions within the grape and wine industry. The primary goal of the Oenology and Viticulture Co-op Program is to arrange and monitor placements within the Canadian industry. However, suitable international work terms may be used to meet the program requirements. In addition to the current fees for courses in academic study terms, Co-op students are assessed administrative fees.

Students can also participate in Intern Experience work terms consisting of an approved program of industry activity. Each provides an opportunity for the student to participate in aspects of the industry, a variety not available during the longer Co-op work placements. Intern Experiences are not program requirements but students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities to gain a wider range of industry experience.

For more information consult the OEVI Coordinator of Experiential Learning, Gail Higenell at ghigenell@brocku.ca and visit the Brock University Co-operative Programs site. 

For admission from high school, the normal requirement is an average of 80 per cent on six credits including 1 mathematics (minimum 70 per cent), 1 Chemistry (minimum 70 per cent) and 2 from Biology, Physics or another Mathematics.

Students may apply for admission to Year 2 of the Oenology and Viticulture program upon completion of Year 1 of an appropriate science program. An average of at least 70 per cent for OEVI major courses and 60 per cent for non-major courses is required. Contact the Coordinator of Experiential Learning for more information.

Program of study
For more information on the OEVI program and links to course descriptions see the appropriate section in the Brock University Undergraduate Calendar.