Community Partners Program

Community Partners Program

Becoming a Partner

Brock students use their Brock Card (their official university ID) as a debit card to make purchases around campus and at our community partners that are popular with students such as local restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores and more. This relationship benefits the community partner by increasing your sales potential and it benefits the students by giving more variety in where they can make secure purchases using their Brock Card.

Why should you consider becoming a Brock Card Community Partner?

• You can capture increased sales from students who prefer to use their secure Brock Card for payment versus other payment methods;
• All residence meal plans include varying amounts of declining cash balance funds (DCB) that can be spent at community partner locations or on campus;
• Students enjoy the convenience and security of using their Brock Card for payment and are asking for an expanded community partner program to offer greater variety of community vendors accepting the Brock Card as payment;
• As a Brock Card community partner, your establishment’s name/logo will be appropriately promoted through our web site and promotional material.

How the program works?

• Your establishment would be required to install and maintain a dedicated phone line and Brock Card reader with printer (similar to Interac machine);
• In exchange for recognition as a Brock Card community partner, the Brock Card reader and printer, and the marketing and promotion done by Brock on your behalf, you pay a monthly fee, and percentage of your Brock Card sales back to the university.
• The monthly fee and percentage would be deducted from the Brock Card sales, which are paid within the time frame established with you and Brock.

Your next steps

To learn more about the Brock Card program and whether being a community partner is right for you, please contact:

Todd Bundy
Brock Card Office
905 688 5550 x 4771