Michael Gamble, Senior Platoon Supervisor

Michael Gamble, Senior Platoon Supervisor

I am currently an Inspector with Brock University Campus Security Services and as such carry the sworn designation of a “Special Constable” with authorities of a “Peace Officer” in Ontario.

I began at Brock University on October 1, 2007 after retiring from a 36-year career with the Niagara Regional Police Service. I retired on September 30, 2007 at the rank of a Detective Sergeant.

During my policing career I began in Uniform Patrol and was a member of the Police Services First Tactical or SWAT Team.

During the majority of my career I served as a member or supervisor of various Investigative Units. I began in the Intelligence Unit specializing in Privacy Act (Wire Tap) Investigations. I continued my investigative career in the Break and Enter Unit, Fraud Unit, and Criminal Investigation Unit; I then served for four years as the Service’s Polygraph Examiner. I continued my investigative path as the officer in charge of the Fraud Unit and the Street Crime Unit.

I branched out and was elected into the Union side of Policing and served as the full time President of the Niagara Regional Police Association for five years. Our Association represented the one thousand men and women in our Service.

I spent the last seven years of my career as a Detective Sergeant in the Homicide Unit. During my career I developed an expertise in interview and interrogation techniques which I taught in service seminars and while instructing at the Ontario and Canadian Police Colleges.

After serving our community for 36 years I now look forward to serving the Brock Community focusing on the safety of students, staff and faculty members. I am proud to be a part of the pride and integrity of Brock University and look forward to meeting many of the students, staff and faculty on campus.

Inspector Michael Gamble
Brock University Campus Security Services
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