Research Updates

Goodman School of Business

Research Updates

Financial Times 45 Publications

  • Dr. Dirk De Clercq (department of OBHREE) had his coauthored paper "Perceptions of adverse work conditions and innovative behavior: The buffering roles of relational resources" accepted for publication by Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.
  • Dr. Tashfeen Sohail (department of Accounting) had his coauthored paper "Product configuration, ambidexterity and firm performance in the context of industrial equipment manufacturing" published in the Journal of Operations Management, 32(4), May 2014, 138-153.
  • Dr. Todd Green from the department of MIBS had his paper "Giving the Gift of Goodness: An Exploration of Socially Responsible Gift-giving" accepted for publication by the Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Dr. Wesley Helms from the department of MIBS had his paper "Eliciting Acceptance for 'Illicit' Organizations: The Positive Implications of Stigma for MMA Organizations" accepted for publication by the Academy of Management Journal.
  • Dr. Dave Bouckenooghe and Dr. Usman Raja from the department of OBHREE, and the former MSc student (Organizational Studies) Asma Zafar had their paper "How Ethical Leadership Shapes Employees' Job Performance: The Mediating Roles of Goal Congruence and Psychological Capital" accepted for publication by the Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Dr. Kareen Brown from the department of Accounting had her paper "Ex Ante Severance Agreements and Earnings Management" accepted for publication by Contemporary Accounting Research.

Research Awards

  • Dr. Peter Yannopoulos, from the department of Marketing, International Business and Strategy, won the Best Paper Award for the Management and Marketing Area at the 10th Global Business and Social Research conference. The award for his paper “Perceived Importance of Defensive Marketing Strategies Before and After Competitor Entry: Does Nationality Make a Difference?” was presented at the June 2014 conference in Beijing, China.
  • Several Goodman professors won awards at the ASAC 2014 conference, which was held in Muskoka in May 10-13, 2014:
    • Drs. Fayez Elayan, Jennifer Li, Zhefeng Frank Liu and Sandra Felton, all from the department of Accounting, won the Best Paper Award in the Accounting division for their coauthored paper "Ethical Performance, Financial Performance and the Quality of Financial Reporting."
    • Two professors from the department of Marketing, International Business and Strategy (MIBS) won awards in the Case Track division. Specifically, Dr. Eric Dolansky won the Laurier School of Business and Economics Award for his case "401 Games," and Dr. Herb MacKenzie received the Long Time Reviewer Award.
  • Dr. Walid Ben Omrane, an associate professor of finance, won the Best Paper Award in the Investments, Financial Markets, and Valuation category at the 2014 Global Finance Conference. The award for his coauthored paper "Foreign News and the Co-movement in European Equity Markets: An Intraday Analysis" was presented at the conference held in Dubai in March 31-April 2, 2014.
  • Dr. Eric Dolansky from the department of MIBS won the Laurier School of Business and Economics Award for the Case Track of ASAC for his case "401 Games." This award will be presented at the upcoming ASAC 2014 conference, which will be held on May 10th to 13th, 2014, in Muskoka, Ontario.

Research Grants

Two of the three submitted BSIG/BUAF Research Seed Grant applications from the Goodman School of Business were accepted for funding by the Office of Research Services:

  • Dr. Tek Thongpapanl (department of MIBS) "Advancing the use of social networks: Enhancing word-of-mouth marketing and consumer protection in virtual communities."
  • Dr. Lianxi Zhou (department of MIBS) "Institutional, relational, and resource factors and the growth of international new ventures."

The following projects were accepted for funding by the CMA Brock Accounting Research & Education Centre (CMA BAREC):

  • Dr. Hemantha Herath (department of Accounting) "A Study on the Integration of Statistical Quality Control Techniques with Standard Costing and Variance Analysis."
  • Dr. Alexei Nikitkov (department of Accounting) "Topography of REA Research Cases."
  • Dr. Tatyana Sokolyk (department of FOIS) "Credit Financing by Young Entrepreneurial Firms at the Initial Stage of Business Formation and During 2008 Financial Crisis."

The following projects were accepted for funding by the CGA Ontario Research Excellence Fund (CGAO REF):

  • Dr. Gail Lynn Cook (department of Accounting), Dr. Barry Wright (department of OBHREEE) and Gillian Kemp (relationship manager, Goodman School of Business) "Service-Learning Community Partners: Benefits for Resilence and Efficacy."
  • Dr. Dipanjan Chatterjee (department of FOIS) "Failing to See the Signs: Exploring the Drivers of Organizational Ambiguities in Recognizing, Assessing and Responding to Supply Chain Risks and Disruptions."
  • Dr. Tejaswini Herath (department of FOIS) "Towards Understanding Information Assurance Performance Measurement: A Mixed Method Approach."
  • Dr. Alexei Nikitkov and Dr. Barbara Sainty (department of Accounting) "Antecedents of career success: The impact of social media use and education choices."
  • Dr. Skander Lazrak (department of FOIS) "Foreign exchange rates predictability and the savings investments puzzle."

Graduate Student Awards

  • MSc student (finance) Xinyao Zhou was selected by the Senate Graduate Studies Awards Sub-Committee to receive the Vice President of Research Award.


  • The second annual Brock Research Celebration, which was held in the Guernsey Market on Tuesday, February 25th, was a big success. Almost 70 posters from all faculties and several other university units highlighted the range of research excellence at Brock. The Goodman School of Business had a strong presence at this event with 12 posters from all four departments, BioLinc, and our business librarian Linda Lowry. Read the full news story here.