After the Presentation

Goodman School of Business

After the Presentation

After the presentation, it is important to solicit feedback so that you know what can be improved upon for your next presentation. Ask for feedback in both verbal and non-verbal delivery.

At the Goodman School of Business, our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and professional skills necessary for a successful career after you graduate. Our programs and courses provide you with opportunities to practice your presentation skills so that you will be able to deliver dynamic and engaging professional presentations.

The following forms were designed by professors to reflect the verbal and non-verbal skills that are important for professional oral communications. These forms are sometimes used by professors to assess student performance in class but also can be a useful self-reflection tool to identify your presentation strengths and weaknesses. After each presentation use the form to review each trait and description to identify areas where you excel, ones where your skills are satisfactory, and areas that could use improvement. Work on the areas that need improvement before your next presentation and then use the form again to chart your success.


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