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Why is professionalism important in presentations?

Presenting, in some form, is a common part of business practice. Whether presenting to clients, co-workers, high-level executives, you will be required to give presentations as part of your career. Learning to give a professional and dynamic presentation will be an integral part of your professional success. Great article from the Globe and Mail: seven tips for more confient presentations.

Why should you care about professionalism in presentations?

Overall image and the impression of confidence is a large part of what your audience will use to form initial opinions about a presentation.

Buying a new computer can be used as a good example of how professionalism and presentation contribute to selling success. As you enter the store you are approached by two salespeople. The first salesperson doesn't make eye contact with customers, speaks softly so they are difficult to understand, and frequently uses informal words such as “like” and “uh” when answering questions. The second salesperson maintains eye contact, speaks professionally, and answers inquiries directly and clearly. Which one would you choose to deal with? Most people would choose the latter, but why? Both individuals have received the same training and have similar levels of knowledge about the product; however, body language and how information was delivered led you to respond with greater trust to the employee who was most engaging.

Great presentations are often as much about how you present your ideas as the ideas themselves. If you have confidence in your information, so will your audience. Public speaking makes most people nervous, even the most seasoned professionals. So what can you do? Preparation, practice, and repetition can help you develop the confidence to deliver a perfect professional presentation as well as maintain audience engagement.

This website is designed to give you tips and tricks for giving great professional presentations:

before the presentation

during the presentation

after the presentation