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Marketing Concentration

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A concentration in marketing provides you with the knowledge and skills to perform a variety of essential strategic business activities such as consumer needs assessment, marketing research, sales forecasting, product management, new product development, pricing, distribution, integrated marketing communications, and strategic market planning.


Nature of work & types of jobs:

  • Market Research Analyst
  • Brand Manager
  • Retail Business Manager
  • Marketing Consultant

Positions of Recent Grads:

  • Sales & Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Regional Sales Rep
  • Sales Associate
  • Retail Business Development
  • Director of Marketing
  • Marketing Manager
  • Communications Intern
  • Media Account Consultant


Career Options
There are many different areas in the field of marketing, some career paths include:

Product Management is typically responsible for sales, forecasting, a strategic planning of products, product development, and scheduling branding of products based on market research and consumer needs assessment.

Market Research is responsible for identifying key aspects of consumer behaviour such as what motivates consumers, what their needs and purchasing habits are, etc. Market researchers use surveys, studies, and focus groups to collect data on a brand’s target. They should have both qualitative and quantitative analytical ability in order to interpret the results.

Brand Managers are responsible for a brand or a brand family and must find ways to instill the brand’s essence, analyze the competitive landscape in the brand’s category, identify market opportunities, and communicate the unique benefits the product delivers to consumers.

Public Relations & Communications: Organizations need to effectively communicate their mission, initiative, goals, and important events to employees, consumers, business partners, and the general public. Public Relations personnel are responsible for managing communications with the media (i.e. press releases, conferences, newsletters, etc.) and representing the organization (i.e. at industry conferences, when responding to inquiries or media reports, etc.).

Consultants help companies with market entry strategies, product positioning studies, and market segmentation analysis. They conduct research for strategic purposes and make recommendations based on their findings.

Professional Selling: Salespeople enjoy considerable flexibility in their job, are among the highest paid individuals in any organization, and frequently have opportunities for advancement to management because of the skills they develop negotiating with people, and the knowledge they gain concerning the company’s products, competitors, and external environment. Students in the BBA program, with the correct course selections, an earn Professional Sales Certificate from the Canadian Professional Sales Association.

Clubs & Associations

Both work and volunteer experience can help you gain the necessary skills to get a job in the marketing field.

Recommended Clubs on Campus:

Associations, Volunteer Organizations, and Other Resources:

How Goodman Career Can Help
The Goodman Career Development Office provides various services and hosts different events to help prepare students for the job search process. Check out our workshops or book an appointment with our office.

You are also encouraged to attend the following events, hosted by Goodman Career:

  1. How To Get A Job In Marketing – meet alumni and industry professionals
  2. Networking Breakfast – Meeting employers from different companies and find out about job opportunities

Did You Know…
The Goodman Career Development Office hires a volunteer Marketing & Promotions Assistant to assist with marketing activities in our office. The position is posted in February each year on CareerZone.

Important Competencies

  • Analytical Skills
  • Innovative & Creative
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication Skills
  • Technological Competency
  • Presentation Skills
  • Relationship Management Skills
  • Quantitative Competency
  • Results-Oriented
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Time Management
  • Strategic Thinking
Josip Hrga, BBA Marketing student

I am currently entering my fourth year at Brock University as both a marketing student and as the president of the Case Competitors’ Committee, an initiative to prepare business students for upcoming business case competitions. Throughout my three years at Brock University I have had the pleasure of learning from terrific faculty and fellow students. I have competed in business case competitions, attended conferences and seminars, and utilized many of the resources available to students to complement my classroom learning. Now as I near the end of my undergraduate studies, I will be applying to both graduate programs and jobs within the field of marketing, and will decide in what capacity I will leverage my knowledge, skills, and abilities to further my education.

-Josip Hrga, BBA Marketing student

My time at Brock has included a collection of different activities. I have been a part of, and held positions with, many different student run organizations such as the Socials Coordinator with the Brock Business Students' Association (BSA) and President of DECA U Brock. With these organizations I have been able to travel and compete in international case competitions gaining visibility within the business world for my practical marketing knowledge. As well, I have held various co-op work terms in marketing positions allowing me to apply my personal skill set and work on recognized campaigns. In the classroom I have worked on service learning projects where we partnered with Not For Profit organizations to redesign aspects of their marketing plan and enhance their public image. Each of these experiences and opportunities has enhanced not only my personal skill set but my resume as well.

-Erin Gurr, BBA Marketing student