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Accounting Concentration

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A concentration in accounting provides you with the knowledge of business and  management, as well as technical accounting skills.  Accountants  engage  in  a  wide  variety of  activities  such  as preparing, analyzing, and interpreting internal accounting information required to plan and make decisions about business activities. 

*Please note: The BAcc program is designed for students intending to pursue a professional accounting designation and to practice public accounting, while the BBA program (Accounting concentration) provides a broader managerial degree with a more limited focus in accounting. The BBA program may prepare students to enter the professional accounting program offered by CPA Canada.
Nature of work & types of jobs: 
  • Cost Accounting 
  • Financial Accounting 
  • Financial Auditing 
  • Forensic Accounting 
  • Tax Accounting
Positions of Recent Grads: 
  • Junior Accountant 
  • Senior Accountant
  • Audit Officer
  • Accounts Payable Clerk 
  • Account Executive
  • Payroll Accountant 
  • Commodity Tax Analyst 
  • Accountant‐Assurance & Business Advisory
Public Accounting
Public accounting is the business of expressing independent assurance on financial statements and other financial information of enterprises of every size, to ensure that the information truly reflects their financial condition. Large and small investors, financial institutions and other third parties then use that assurance to help them make informed investment and lending decisions. Many of those decisions involve investments in RSPs, mutual or pension funds – making the practice of public accounting relevant to nearly all Canadians.
Accounting in Private Sector & Government
Private sector represents, small, mid‐sized, and large organizations that operate on a for‐profit basis and are not controlled by the province in which they operate.  Government sector represents local, provincial, and federal government offices, including hospitals and educational institutions. 
At qualification, new Canadian CPAs will demonstrate the competencies expected of leading professional accountants. Specifically they will be required to demonstrate:
  • TECHNICAL COMPETENCIES in advanced financial reporting, strategy and governance, and management accounting, as well as in audit and assurance, finance and taxation.
  • ENABLING COMPETENCIES including professionalism, ethical behavior, written and oral communication, leadership, problem-solving and decision-making.
While financial reporting and management accounting will be central, the CPA certification program will require the demonstration of competence in all six competency areas: financial reporting, strategy and governance, management accounting, audit and assurance, finance, and taxation.
Both paid and volunteer experience can help you gain the necessary skills to get a job in the accounting field.
Recommended Clubs on Campus:
Associations and Prominent Firms:
The Goodman Career Development Office provides various services and hosts different events to help prepare students for the job search process. Check out our workshops or book an appointment with our office. You are also encouraged to attend the following events, hosted by Goodman Career: 
  1. How To Get A Job In Accounting – meet alumni and industry professionals
  2. CA Day – meet recruiters from large and mid‐sized accounting firms
Did You Know… 
Goodman Career hires a volunteer Industry Research Assistant to assist with statistical tracking and program planning in our office. The position is posted in February each year on CareerZone.
  • Problem Solving
  • Demonstrate Initiative
  • Adaptability to Change
  • Communication Skills (verbal and written)
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Interpersonl and Relationship Management Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Work Independently and in a Team
  • Leadership
  • Techological Proficiency
  • Time Management
  • Ability to Self-Manage


Neil Bourque, BBA Accounting student

I have had many diverse experiences as a Brock business student, which I contribute to the development of both my personal and professional business skills. By taking advantage of the co-op program at Brock, I have had the opportunity to work at two career developing positions in accounting at both Walker Industries Holdings Limited and Research In Motion. The hands on experience mixed with the accounting foundation built in the classroom, and the support of my coop advisors have allowed me to experience aspects of the business world that transcend the classroom and textbook. This combination of knowledge will enhance my marketability when looking to begin my career, as well as jump-start my studies when trying to complete my CMA designation. By taking advantage of the exchange program that Brock offers, I am looking forward to understanding international accounting practices coupled with experiencing the European culture firsthand.

-Neil Bourque, BBA Accounting student