Undergraduate Degree Eligibility- MSc FAQ

Goodman School of Business

Undergraduate Degree Eligibility- MSc FAQ

 I do not have a business undergraduate degree. Can I still apply for the MSc?

Due to the highly focused coursework and thesis based nature of the MSc program, the admissions committee is looking for applicants who have a four year honours’ degree in business. Exceptionally, graduates of other disciplines may be recommended for admission to the program. For example, students with an undergraduate degree in economics may choose to pursue an MSc in Finance; whereas engineering, computer science or mathematics graduates may choose to specialize in Operations or Informaton Systems. In these cases, the students may be required to complete additional business courses at the undergraduate level before enrolling in the MSc graduate courses.

I have no work experience but would like to apply to your MSc program. Can I apply?

Yes. Work experience is not required for the MSc program.

I have a three year Canadian University degree. Am I eligible for admission?

The Faculty of Graduate Studies requires that applicants have a four year honours degree. Due to the advanced nature of MSc coursework, it is not possible to apply to the program without a four year degree.

I have a four year applied college degree from a Canadian college. Am I eligible to apply to the Goodman MSc?

If you have a four year applied college degree in accounting you are not eligible to apply for the MSc. You will not have taken a sufficient number of advanced and research based courses that are needed in order to be successful in a thesis-based degree program