Program Overview- MSc FAQ

Goodman School of Business

Program Overview- MSc FAQ

When was the program founded?

The Brock MSc program was founded in 2007. It became known as the Goodman MSc in 2012.

Brock University’s Goodman School of Business is known internationally for its rigorous undergraduate and graduate degrees and talented, well prepared and knowledgeable alumni. The establishment of the MSc in Management program was the next step for the business school to enhance its graduate offerings with a research focused degree: many of our graduates from the MAcc and MBA programs have already gone on to doctoral programs and successful academic careers.

What type of MSc program does Goodman offer?

The Brock MSc is a 2 year, thesis based program. The MSc curriculum is designed to provide students with extensive academic knowledge in a specialized area of study (accounting, finance, marketing or management science) through focused course work and the completion of a major research program.

Can I study for my MSc part time?

It is not possible to study for your MSc on a part time basis. Beyond their TA and RA positions, students are encouraged not to hold part time or full time jobs.

How long is your full time program?

The MSc takes two years to complete. The first year of the program focuses on specialized course work and training in research methodology. The second year of the program focuses on the completion of the master’s thesis.