Undergraduate Degree Eligibility- MBA FAQ

Goodman School of Business

Undergraduate Degree Eligibility- MBA FAQ

I do not have a business undergraduate degree. Can I still apply for the MBA?

Yes! We accept students from many different backgrounds, not just business. Students who have never studied business before will not be at a disadvantage in the program. You will undertake study in all different areas of business, such as accounting, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, international business and human resource management. The small class sizes and the community feeling of the program will ensure personal attention and lots of opportunity to participate, contributing to your sense of understanding of the topic.

I have a three year Canadian University degree. Am I eligible for admission?

The Faculty of Graduate Studies requires that applicants have a four year honours degree.

If you do have a three year Canadian University degree, you may pursue the following options to upgrade your degree.
1. You may earn your honours year and maintain an overall average of 75%.
2. A substantial amount of work experience (normally five to seven years or more in a managerial role, at a progressively more senior level) will strengthen your application.

Please note that upgrading your degree does not guarantee you a spot in the MBA program. It will, however, help you submit a stronger application to the Admissions Committee.

I have a four year applied college degree from a Canadian college. Am I eligible to apply to the Brock MBA?

Currently, the admissions committee is evaluating all applied four year degrees on a case by case basis to determine if they meet the requirements needed to succeed in a graduate degree program.