Fees & Financial Aid

Goodman School of Business

Fees & Financial Aid

Fees and Financial Aid

The total cost of your MAcc program reflects tuition, student fees, books and living expenses. Full-time students take one (1) year to complete the program (with co-op).

We have broken down the costs for you as a new MAcc student based on the following:
Total program cost (Full-time)
Living Expenses and Textbooks
Financial Aid

Tuition and student fees are due at the beginning of each semester. 

Tuition 2015-2016

MAcc tuition is charged on a per course basis. Each 5PXX course is equal to one half (.5) credit, please note the 5Y11, 5Y12 courses are quarter credits (.25)  and are billed at half the rate of the 5PXX courses. 
Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents: $845.66 per half credit course
International  Students: $2,013.47 per half credit course

Program cost per YEAR (Full-time)

This chart reflects how much you will be paying a year to attend the Goodman MAcc.


Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents

International Students

Tuition for 10 Courses



International Recovery Fee

n/a $750.00

Student Fees and Bus Pass



UHIP Health Coverage



Health and Dental Plan 



Co-op Administrative fee (Optional)

$1,450 for 4 month co-op term

$1,450 for 4 month co-op term

Total Estimated Costs



For a full breakdown of tuition fees, please visit the  Financial & Administrative Services webpage. In case of any minor differences, your tuition charged on your my.brocku.ca account will be considered correct.

Living Expenses and Books

Living expenses and books are extra. We recommend that you budget approximately $9000-$12,000 per year for living expenses and books, depending on your lifestyle. 

Financial Aid

Financial aid is limited, as we prefer to keep overall tuition costs affordable.

All Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents are automatically considered for any available scholarship money at the time of their application.

Students may also apply for RA, TA, part time instructor and marker/grader positions. Each year, the Goodman School of Business provides over $250,000 of support to its graduate students.