MAcc Curriculum

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MAcc Curriculum

We want you to be a strong accountant and a strategic leader. The integrated and innovative coursework in the MAcc ensures that you receive an unparalleled accounting education. Throughout the program, critical thinking, analysis and communication skills are developed through the use of case study analysis, student discussion, presentations and research papers. 


MAcc with CPA Pathway
Download the MAcc CPA Pathway program plan

Goodman’s MAcc CPA Pathway will allow you to complete all of the required courses and modules for the CPA designation. Upon graduation from the MAcc CPA Pathway, graduates will proceed directly to the CFE.

In the first term of the MAcc, you will take four courses that map to all of the CPA electives (Assurance, Finance, Tax & Performance Management), plus one general business elective. In the second term of the MAcc, you will be required to complete two program specific graduate accounting courses, two general business electives and two CPA Capstone courses (Integration and Team Management & Integration and Analysis) which focus on CFE examination preparation.

A minor option is also available in the MAcc CPA pathway. Depending on course availability, it may be possible to  minor in finance, human resource management or marketing.  

The first entry point for the MAcc CPA pathway will be January 2015. The MAcc CPA pathway program will be completed over seven months (January to July).