Program Overview- IMAcc FAQ

Goodman School of Business

Program Overview- IMAcc FAQ

 When was the program founded?
The Goodman International Master of Accountancy (IMAcc) program was founded in 2000. The IMAcc program is designed to help graduates of international accounting enroll in a Canadian Accounting professional graduate program without studying accounting in North America.

Brock University’s Faculty of Business is known internationally for its rigorous undergraduate degrees and talented, well prepared and knowledgeable alumni who distinguish themselves in the accounting profession.

The Master of Accountancy at Goodman, is one of only a handful of MAcc programs offered in Canada and the IMAcc program is the only program that includes an integrated transition term.

What type of IMAcc program does Goodman offer?
The goal of the IMAcc program is to develop technical knowledge and enhance the professional skills of accountants or recent accounting graduates working in the public or private sectors. It is truly an advanced accounting degree that focuses on integrating technical knowledge while developing strong critical thinking, analytical and communication skills.

The IMAcc is not designed to prepare you for the Canadian Chartered Accountant (CA) program.

Can I study for my IMAcc part time?

The IMAcc is only available on a full time basis. It is not possible to take classes part time.