Co-op - IMAcc FAQ

Goodman School of Business

Co-op - IMAcc FAQ

Do you offer a co-op IMAcc? 

Yes. All IMAcc students who maintain an average of 75% are eligible for our co-op program. Students enrolled in the co-op program attend workshops, seminars and speaker series that are designed to help them discover the opportunities and industries that await them during their co-op work placement and post-IMAcc.

Placements vary each year depending on employers needs. In the past, co-op placements have been primarily in the government and in the private sector. Co-op placements are not guaranteed, but most co-op students are successfully placed in jobs.

Most co-op placements are four months long.

International students are eligible for co-op.

There are no separate application requirements for the co-op program. All students are automatically admitted into the co-op program. A portion of the fee is assessed at the time of registration in the co-op and the remainder of the fee is assessed upon confirmation on employment.