Certificate in Administrative Studies

Goodman School of Business

Certificate in Administrative Studies

Through the CAS, we provide you with a chance to upgrade your academic record and gain knowledge of North American business principles. It is a carefully designed transition year that can help you bridge the gap between undergraduate and your MBA or MBA (ISP) experience.

The CAS is right for you if you:

  • would like to go on to an MBA or MBA (ISP) program but whose grades do not meet the minimum admission requirements. The CAS will provide students with an opportunity to create a recent academic record.
  • have an international background and want a comprehensive introduction to the foundations of a North American business education.
  • have a non-business background and would like to gain exposure to the foundations of management for the purposes of career advancement.

The CAS is a formal undergraduate certificate program. Students who successfully complete this program will receive a Brock University certificate.