Goodman School of Business


Winter 2016 Course Offerings Spring 2016 Course Offerings

All MBA students are required to register for both the Fall (Sept-Dec) and Winter (Jan-Apr) terms, unless they have received approval from the Goodman School of Business for interruption of their graduate program or have completed their graduate degree requirements. Failure to register will be interpreted as withdrawal from the program.

Part Time Students:
Required courses are cycled into the evenings approximately every two years. If you would like assistance in preparing a program plan that helps you meet your goals, please contact Brendan for an appointment.

Do you wish to have a specialization noted on your MBA degree? 
You will take a total of six electives in your MBA program. If you take five or more courses in the same field (i.e. marketing or finance),with the exception of the MBA CPA Pathway,  the specialty field will appear on your degree. Otherwise, your degree will say MBA [without any specialty].

Please be aware that although we endeavour to offer the specialty streams in terms three and four of the MBA each year, the possibility exists that a stream may not be offered.

Not sure what you need to take?
Please consult the relevant program plan for the specialization you wish to pursue prior to registration.
Once registered please contact Brendan to ensure your requirements are being met:

Business Analytics
CPA-MBA - Students with full Advanced Standing should plan on starting in the Spring session
Human Resources
Operations Management
General MBA

Course Descriptions are available for download.

Looking for other options?
Consider an independent study elective (MBAB 5P91, 5P92, 5F91) under the supervision of a faculty member. The student is responsible for finding an appropriate and willing supervisor. The project itself can take many forms as long as it contains about 120 hours of work. All project proposals must be approved by the faculty supervisor and the Associate Dean of Graduate Programs. Contact Brendan Barrett, Academic Coordinator for more information.

In very rare cases, it is also possible for graduate students to take a fourth year undergraduate courses as an elective. Check the undergraduate timetable for possibilities and contact Brendan with your preference. He will assess the feasibility of your request at that time.