Request for Partnership - Mini-Management Projects

Goodman School of Business

Request for Partnership - Mini-Management Projects

Service-Learning in the Goodman School of Business is a project-based teaching-learning strategy that connects classroom theory to challenges experienced in practice. For this Partnership, student teams work as “consultants” with their community partner.

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Partnership Opportunity - Free
Goodman MBA Students are available to any area non-profit and small for-profits (under 10 employees) this Fall. Teams of students (4-5) will be given the option to participate in a service-learning project with area businesses and organizations to address one of the management challenges listed below and provide a customized solution for their community partner.

Mini-Management Projects:


  • Role description and role objectives for a new managerial position within the organization.
  • Development of competency based performance outcomes for a midlevel manager
  • Plan for Performance Management (schedule and process)
  • Analysis of work/life balance in organization
  • Recruitment strategy
  • New employee orientation program


  • Operationalizing a new strategic plan: From Strategy to Operations plan
  • Values: identifying and articulating organizational values
  • Organizational Chart Design (current and recommended) (15+ employees)
  • Job sharing plan- analysis and recommendations of how to implement
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Business plan review and recommendations
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Development of a change plan
  • Customer relationship management – adding value to customers/clients


  • Leadership skills analysis and development plan for a team/program manager
  • Biases and perceptions (internal or external): Analysis and action plan
  • Employee engagement strategy development
  • Employee creative problem-solving strategy development
  • Improving communication lines
  • Better decision making/ problem management process
  • Workplace conflict: analysis and recommendations of how to implement conflict management process
  • Development of a ‘Balanced Scorecard’



  • Processes and Guidelines for developing self-managed teams
  • Plan for managing a “virtual” team (or geographically dispersed team)

Ethics – CSR - Sustainability

  • Ethical dilemmas in the workplace- a reporting policy for staff with Whistleblower protection plan
  • Sustainability report card for internal and external stakeholders


How this works
The student team will interview their client and if necessary visit the site. Then the team will research the topic and draft a solution. NOTE: Community Partners who can meet teams on campus (at least initially) will be more likely to attract a team.

You will receive a final draft by second week of November and will be invited to attend while the team presents their project to their peers late November (attendance is optional for the presentations but meaningful for the students). This is a good opportunity to ask questions with the Professor available to comment. These dates are approximate and will be confirmed at the start of the projects.

Your Commitment
Projects are tied to a student’s overall course mark and must be completed within a 2-month time period, and must be managed around varying student schedules. We ask our partners to ensure timely transfer of information and flexibility in coordinating meetings to support project success.

Register your request onlineThere are a limited number of spaces available.

Gillian Kemp
Relationship Manager, Service-Learning
905 688 5550 X5023