Request for Partnership - Marketing Research

Goodman School of Business

Request for Partnership - Marketing Research

Service-Learning in the Goodman School of Business is a project-based teaching-learning strategy that connects classroom theory to challenges experienced in practice. For this Partnership, student teams work as “consultants” with their community partner.

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Partnership Opportunity - Free Market Research Services!
We are inviting area non-profits and small (less than 10 employees) for-profit businesses to work with our Marketing students to design a Market Research study. The team will develop and test a customized research tool with a focus group and 20-30 respondents.

Example: An organization may be experiencing a drop off in attendance at its major fundraising event (or program/service attendance) and want to find out how to change their marketing to address the decline.

Example: An organization/business may want to know how to change their product/service to attract a new demographic.

Example: A business may have a product/service that does not seem to be meeting its potential and want to know why more clients aren’t buying or participating.

What you get
Your student team will provide insight into and make recommendations for the marketing challenge you’re facing. The team will run a focus group to develop the tool; using the tool, teams will survey 20-30 respondents and perform preliminary analysis and interpret the results. You will receive the tool to use on your own as well as a report of the results and recommendations arising from the sample of 20-30 respondents.

Your Commitment
Projects are tied to a student’s overall course mark and must be completed within a 3-month time period, and must be managed around varying student schedules. We ask our partners to ensure timely transfer of information and flexibility in coordinating meetings to support project success.

  • Access to contact information for 30-50 people to be surveyed (to coordinator by Sept 6th) or opportunity to interact with your customers on site (confirm with coordinator by Sept 6th ).
  • Face-to-face meetings on campus: Initial meeting to provide background information about your business and the marketing challenge you face (to be scheduled with coordinator Sept 17, 20 or 24th, 2013). The second meeting will be for the team to present their results and recommendations to you and their peers on campus either Nov 29th or Dec 3rd.
  • Electronic response to Interim Report due within 7 days of receipt (approx. Nov. 1st). The report is to review action plan developed by students confirming critical details of the focus group and draft of the survey questions.
  • Prompt response to team email requests for information (generally within 24 hours)
  • Complete a brief on-line survey on project satisfaction at the end of the project.

Register your request online. There are a limited number of spaces available.

Gillian Kemp
Relationship Manager, Service-Learning 905 688 5550 X5023