Request for Partnership - Change Management

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Request for Partnership - Change Management

Service-Learning at Goodman is a project-based teaching-learning strategy that connects classroom theory to challenges experienced in the “real world”.

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Partnership Opportunity - Free Strategy Plan
We are inviting all area non-profits and small (10 or fewer employees) for-profit businesses to apply to work with 4th year in a Service-Learning opportunity from late Sept to late Nov, 2013.
For this Partnership, student teams work as “consultants” to their community partner. We are seeking 8 community partners to be matched to a Strategy courses as a case-study for the class.

Need a plan for a successful Organization-wide Change? I’m looking for a business/organization that is going through a significant change: merger, acquisition or amalgamation or perhaps the closing or elimination of a division that requires a re-jig of the majority of the remaining parts of the organization.

This project is for a community partner who has made the decision about proceeding with the change (not asking the question “what change should we make?”) and is looking for help to implement the change.

For the organization (or organizations)… that means at least 3 visits to the class throughout the term to present to the class or meet with teams. What they would get is approximately 8 different reports from the 8 teams including such things as new Org Charts, reporting lines, communication strategies both internal and external, recommendations on how to handle “resisters” within the organization and maybe some budget projections stuff as well but that would likely depend on there being accounting students in the mix!

The reports will vary from team to team as to how they feel the change should be managed. The professor would meet with the client after the term has ended to debrief and provide some guidance as to the assortment of recommendations.

What you get

  • You will receive approximately 4-8 reports from the individual student teams.
  • You will attend their presentations (approx. 20 minutes each) to hear the highlights of each plan.
  • This means lots and lots of new ideas and recommendations.
  • A debriefing meeting with the Professor to discuss the final reports.

Your Commitment
Projects are tied to a student’s overall course mark. We ask our partners to ensure they are available for the dates below as course schedule is not flexible and we want to ensure project success. To apply for this project you and a backup member of your team need to schedule on-campus dates. There are 8 classes seeking community partners so schedules will be firmed up directly with selected partners.

  • By Sept 4th, you need to provide electronic “background” documents. E.g. Organizational Chart, Mission, Vision, Values, financial documents like operations budgets, etc. (confidentially agreements can be signed).
  • First on-campus visit will be mid-late September. The client will present their change situation to the class and respond to questions.
  • Mid-term campus class visit (October) for more direct student question and answers
  • Prompt response to email requests for information (generally within 24-48 hours)
  • Last campus visit to hear team reports will be late November.
  • Complete a brief on-line survey on overall project satisfaction (5 minutes)

Register your request onlineThere are a limited number of spaces available.

Gillian Kemp Relationship Manager, Service-Learning 905 688 5550 X5023