Current Requests for Partnerships

Goodman School of Business

Current Requests for Partnerships

How to apply for a student team
Any non-profit organization in the Niagara Region is eligible to apply for a student team. Any small (10 or fewer employees) business in Niagara Region is eligible to apply for a student team. Since Service-Learning is linked to courses with specific learning goals for the students, organizations can read the Request for Partnership (RFP) and respond as directed to those that fit their needs and timing. 

The students generally choose from a list of potential projects selecting the one that appeals to them. Often there are more requests than teams but we do our best accommodate as many requests as possible.

Current Requests for Partnerships
The following are partnerships available for the Spring 2015 term:

Partnership Opportunity Status
Ethics/Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability Full
Financial Decisions Full

Samples of past projects  
The following projects have been submitted by local organizations and have been completed by Goodman School of Business students.

Consumer Behaviour

  • We need to understand why our client agencies don't update their profiles on the data base in a timely manner.
  • Why are the number of participants declining. 

Health and Safety    

  • Establish a Bullying/Violence in the Workplace Policies & Procedures for a Health & Safety program.
  • Help establish a policy on sexual harassment and inappropriate gender-related comments and conduct 


  • We're doing our first Charitable Return and need help reporting our finances.
  • The board needs better financial information to make decisions
  • We need to better understand and allocate our cost of manufacturing 

 Recruitment and Selection  

  • Revamp hiring & training/orientation of new employees
  • Develop more specific job descriptions for each program
  • Survey youths and discover how best to enhance their involvement in a local festival



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