Service-Learning in the Goodman School of Business

Goodman School of Business

Service-Learning in the Goodman School of Business

Service-Learning is part of how the Goodman School of Business is delivering on its brand promise: Both Sides of the Brain.

Business is about more than just the bottom line. Corporate Social Responsibility can be discussed in a classroom related to many different business subjects. But Social Responsibility is learned in the community. At the Goodman School of Business, that learning is in the form of “Service-Learning”.

Part of the experiential learning spectrum, Service-Learning takes the skills and theory of the classroom and brings it to life for the students. Students apply their growing skills and knowledge to help a community partner and gain course credit.

Service-Learning projects provide students with insight into career choices and at times shift career ambitions. Students gain confidence and a sense of competency. Service-Learning firmly connects the idea of an individual’s place in community and power to impact community for the betterment of its members.

In the past, Goodman School of Business students have used their skills:

  • to help with market research
  • to develop new accounting processes
  • to create new marketing strategies and materials for organizations and small businesses
  • to develop health and safety
  • to revise or develop job descriptions
  • help community partners with staff or board training
  • to assess and make recommendation for strategic direction
  • improve operations processes

It's a win-win-win.... our students grow their skills, businesses and organizations grow their capacity and our community benefits from the services/programs provided by stronger organizations and growth in small businesses.

In 2014-2015, over 1400 business students worked on over 240 community projects for 83 community partners... making a difference in both non-profits and small for-profits around Niagara Region.