Spotlight on #GoodmanSpirit: Five questions with the MBA Games Team Captains

Goodman School of Business

Spotlight on #GoodmanSpirit: Five questions with the MBA Games Team Captains

Every year, Goodman MBA students participate in the MBA Games, an event which sees more than 700 students from across the country competing in academic, spirit and athletic team challenges. In early January, forty students from the Goodman MBA program travelled to Toronto and spent the weekend immersed in marketing, sustainability, finance and strategy cases, spirit challenges, and soccer, dodgeball and volleyball matches.

We caught up with Team Captains Tristan Urquhart and Eliza Beckett to chat about their experience in Toronto.

1. The MBA Games are more than just an academic competition - it’s one of the best opportunities you’ll have to network with MBA students from across Canada. Did the Goodman team build any strong relationships with the other schools?

Eliza: The academic competition is only the foundation of the MBA Games. The event truly is about creating long lasting bonds and networking with other schools from across the country. We had the chance to not only compete but to learn and connect with other schools. Our spirit and presence at the games was definitely noted by the other teams and most memorably to me was the connection we made with Asper during their first year at the MBA Games.

Tristan:  I think friendly rivalries are developing more than anything because we bring quality and passion.This was our first year attending as the Goodman School of Business. Last year we attended as Brock and unveiled the new business school name at the event. It has been great to see people recognizing the strength of the program.

2. How did you prepare the Goodman team for the Games?

Tristan: There is so much that goes into the preparation and without the support of the faculty it would be a big challenge, so special thanks to them. We had general information sessions, multiple tryouts for the sports teams, practices for the opening ceremony dance, athletics and cases. Not to mention the effort of the volunteers to prepare the video, music, choreography, and the list goes on and on.

Eliza:  We had subcommittees to help coordinate and organize the team's events such as the video, fundraising and opening dance. In terms of athletics and academics, Jason Barfoot and Bryan Butryn [Goodman staff members] were essential components. They not only helped select the team members but helped schedule, plan and attended the practices before the games. We also could not have prepared for the games without the support and dedication of the team members.

3. As Team Captains, what were your responsibilities during the Games - did you get to compete in any of the cases or athletic matches?

Eliza: As team captains our responsibilities during the Games were to help ensure that our team members were actively participating in events and showing our #GoodmanSpirit. We helped lead and motivate the team to help create the most enjoyable and positive experience for the team as possible. I was lucky enough to participate in the ultimate Frisbee team on Sunday and I got to dress up as Boomer the Badger on Saturday!

Tristan: As captains we’re there to liaise between the event staff and team to make sure everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be there and support them when they are there. Personally I participated in the Inside Ride event on Saturday and the sustainability case on Sunday.

4. What was your favourite moment of the MBA Games?

Tristan: This was my second MBA Games, and we didn’t place in the top 3 last year. So my favourite moment was when they announced the Goodman/Rowe 2nd place finish in the cardboard boat competition because it brings recognition and excitement to Goodman School of Business.

Eliza: The most memorable moment of the MBA Games for me was during the second qualifying match for the dodgeball semi-finals where we had not won a single game and other schools cheering us on while there was only one player, Bhavna, left on the court. The moment she caught the opponent's ball and won the game for us, the whole team broke out from the sidelines and lifted her up on their shoulders. The excitement was indescribable and there was not a better moment than that Goodman victory.

5. Any tips for next year’s MBA team?

Tristan: Keep the momentum going. Build on the enthusiasm and success of this year. Good luck and Go Badgers! 

Eliza: The Goodman Spirit this year was amazing and I can only hope that we can maintain this excitement and participation in the Games next year. My biggest tip for next year's team is to get involved early to help build the long lasting friendships with your teammates and to have as much fun as possible - it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.