Mathematics and Science

  • Ben-El-Machaiekh headed to India

    Hichem Ben-El-Mechaiekh will give an invited talk at the International Conference on Analysis and Applications at Aligarh Muslim University in ... Full story
  • Chemistry

    Paul Zelisko gave the invited presentation "Silicon Biotechnology" at the XVI International Symposium on Silicon in Hamilton, Ont. Aug. 14 to 18. ... Full story
  • CCOVI researcher wins book award

    Andy Reynolds has won an award for his book on wine quality. Reynolds published Managing wine quality, which includes Volume 1: ... Full story
  • Earth Sciences professor teaches in Iran

    Martin Head recently gave a short course at a university in Iran. The Earth Sciences professor lectured on late Cenozoic ... Full story
  • Chemistry

    Ian Brindle, Chemistry professor and Vice-President Research, presented "Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry – Dynamic Reaction Cell -fundamentals and application to ... Full story
  • Chemistry

    Paul Zelisko made two presentations at the 13th CSChE Ontario-Quebec Biotechnology Meeting in May. He presented "Enzyme-based routes for the ... Full story
  • Chemistry

    Prof. Georgii Nikonov gave the lecture "Mechanisms of Mo Catalyzed Hydrosilylation" at Carleton University on Sept. 8, 2010. Full story
  • Mathematics

    Thomas Wolf was involved in two recent talks. "Integrable non-abelian Laurent ordinary differential equations" — jointly authored by Wolf and Olga ... Full story
  • Biological Sciences

    Liette Vasseur presented "Invasive plants in national parks in Canada: status and issues" at Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University in ... Full story
  • Chemistry

    Professor Georgii Nikonov gave the following lectures: 1) "Activation of Small Molecules with a Silylamido NSiH... Mo Agostic Complex" at the 93... Full story