Brock professors use pies to raise dough for a good cause


Foundation of Movement Studies student Jessica Heyda paid $5 to pie Prof. Jamie Mandigo as part of a fundraiser.

Five Brock University professors used pies to raise dough for a good cause.

Jamie Mandigo, Larkin LaMarche, Craig Tokuno, David Gabriel and Phillip Sullivan each took a whipped cream pie in the face as part of the Department of Kinesiology‘s student council’s goal to raise $600 for the Brock Niagara Penguins.

The Kin Council raised $400 last year for the Penguins’ swim and gym program for youth and young adults with a disability.

In its second year, the fundraiser hits large Kinesiology classes (at least one in every year of the program).

If the professor agrees to it, students can donate any amount they wish, and those who donate can submit their name for a chance to pie their professor.

Foundation of Movement Studies student Jessica Heyda paid $5 to pie Mandigo, whose donation of $20 helped the class come within a few cents of its $100 goal.

“This is a good example of the impact they want to make in our communities, so anything we can do for them and their passion for making a difference in our world is great,” said Mandigo, who is also associate professor and associate dean, Undergraduate Studies. “(We) fully support their initiative. (Students) recognizing a cause they can help out is fantastic and is symbolic of students and faculty … who want to make a difference in our communities.”

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