Brock students set to elect next BUSU executive


One of the most important results of next week’s Brock University Students’ Union election won’t be found on the electronic ballot.

Since voting switched to email from a polling station a few years ago, the modernization has increased interest among students at the University.

“It gives the students a better chance to vote,” chief returning officer Mauricio Galko said. “It gives them more opportunities, rather than going to a polling station.”

Election officials are hoping for at least 30% voter turnout among undergraduate students who will choose the next BUSU executive.

October’s byelections resulted in 15% of eligible students voting.

“The amount of students coming out has improved drastically,” deputy returning officer Cody Husk said. “The quota is constantly going up.”

There are 13 candidates for five positions this year.

“I feel like students want different types of changes and they’re going to vote through their representatives … and pick someone who their ideals match the most,” said Galko, a 22-year-old second-year political science student.

An increased effort has been made to make students aware of the elections, including debates, social media, word of mouth, bright yellow T-shirts with the word ‘vote’ on them, and, of course, the candidates’ own self-promotion.

It’s especially important to make first-year students aware of the election process, Husk said.

“We make sure the candidates, as much as they can, get out there in the busiest halls promoting themselves,” Galko added.

Voting runs from Feb. 11-13.

Executive positions available:
• President
• Vice President, Finance and Administration
• Vice President, External Affairs
• Vice President, Student Services
• Board of Directors (1 Year, 2 Years)
• Brock Press Board of Directors

There is also a referendum question on this year’s ballot:

‘Do you support a $32.00 flat fee, to be charged to all undergraduate students, to support the Brock University Students’ Union Programing Levy, as per the Memorandum of Understanding?’

To learn more about the election and referendum, visit BUSU or email Galko.

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