First fall reading week starts Tuesday

Students won’t have to hustle to return to school next week after enjoying Thanksgiving weekend with their families.

The first fall reading week at Brock starts Tuesday, Oct. 15 and runs through Oct. 18.

The addition of the mid-term break is part of a three-year pilot project by the University, following recommendations in its mental health strategy to create a fall reading week to help students alleviate stress. The addition of the break is also supported by the Brock University Students’ Union.

Several other universities have also already adopted a fall reading week to support student success and mental health.

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One comment on “First fall reading week starts Tuesday”

  1. Sarah says:

    I think it is great that they are given this break. My question is about Professors that give them assignments due on the Thanksgiving Monday. That is a STAT. Holiday. The University is CLOSED. When I was at university this was not permitted. How can a Professor be permitted to ask for an assignment to be handed in on this day?? Why should students be penalized if it is not handed in on this day?? Assignments shouldn’t even be due back until the school reopens. What’s the policy on this?? This would make a great article for the next issue.
    Thank you on behalf of parents who aren’t pleased with what’s going on with this different type of standard.
    We are pleased with the majority of the other Professors and TAs and their policies!
    On a personal note, both my husband and I are graduates of Brock, at the graduate level and proud of it!!

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