Tutor Required – Grade 9 Academic Math

Looking for a tutor for Grade 9 boy currently struggling with academic level math.

Please respond with qualifications, fee expectations, and a small outline of a plan (when and where you would like to hold tutoring sessions) and any other relevant information to dnicholls@brocku.ca.

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2 comments on “Tutor Required – Grade 9 Academic Math”

  1. kavita hutchcraft says:

    I am an experienced tutor with years of experience with high level academic standards. I homeschooled my own children (five) to an excellent degree. I am extremely adaptable to the needs of the child. First would be a verbal analysis of exactly what the student knows or understands of the subject they are having diificulty with. From this I can determine the area of trouble and concentrate on that area to open an understanding of the entire subject. I prefer to do my tutoring in my home for two reasons. One, all my resources are here,and two, I find it beneficial to have the student out of their own settings, it gives them more of a sense of study. I can tailor the time to the timing of the client. any time but the evening. My fee is $30.00 dollars an hour with guaranteed results. I have worked with all types of children with difficulties and am a specialist in it from practical experience

  2. Mit G says:

    I am interested but can you tell me where do you live?

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