Geography prof named Chancellor’s Chair for Research Excellence

Assistant Prof. Michael Pisaric in the Department of Geography is the recipient of the Chancellor’s Chair for Research Excellence for 2013-2016. The award consists of an annual research grant of $20,000 over three years.

Up to $7,000 per annum may be taken as a release-time stipend.

Recipients of the award present a public lecture as a way of sharing their contributions to scholarship with the University and wider community. They often receive invitations to present at other universities and events.

Offered since 2001 by Brock University to recognize the excellence of the scholarship of faculty, the Chancellor’s Chair for Research Excellence award is intended to encourage and sustain high levels of scholarly performance of faculty and to retain high quality faculty who have made or will make exceptional contributions to scholarship in their field.

Posted on August 2, 2013

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  1. Jeff Boggs says:

    Mike was recently promoted to Associate Professor, and had already achieved that distinction before he moved to Brock from Carleton’s Department of Geography and Environmental Studies last year. We are quite hono(u)red to have him, especially given that his undergraduate B.Sc. is from Brock as well.

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