The evolution of the Brock Cameo

student drawing cerca 1973

logo created by a student circa 1970

Of all the icons and brands associated with Brock University, the one that most symbolizes our connection to Canada’s beloved 1812 war hero is the Brock Cameo.

Maj.-Gen. Sir Isaac Brock’s silhouette set against an oval background has represented the University for over 28 years. But did you know the University was without an official emblem for almost 20 years? Brock’s crest, coat of arms and athletic symbols acted as insignias for Brock until 1984, when the Board of Trustees approved the cameo as the University’s official logo.

original cameo

original cameo

The cameo honouring Brock had represented the University on everything from flags to brochures and major structures. After many years of using the cameo, Brock introduced a new brand and logo in 2008- the ‘both sides of the brain’ marketing campaign. Although the campaign forged a new look and theme for Brock, the university retained the cameo to illustrate the historical significance of the Sir Isaac Brock silhouette.

Cameo with brandmark

cameo with brandmark

Today, the cameo is used for official communications from the Office of the President and special events and celebrations, including convocation and alumni events. Graduates have embraced the symbolism of the cameo.

As a result, Brock Alumni Relations commissioned a pewter pin in the likeness of Brock’s silhouette. Named the Cameo Club pin and created exclusively for alumni, it recognizes every graduate who earned their first degree more than 25 years ago. Graduates are presented with the pin as they are inducted into the Cameo Club, just one of many events celebrating Homecoming.

Cameo Club Pin

Cameo Club Pin

The fine detail of Brock’s profile make the pin a one-of-a-kind keepsake, symbolizing the man and the university for which it is named.

Posted on July 24, 2013

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