Artist chosen for Sir Isaac Brock commemorative project

isaac-brockThe artist has been chosen.

The vision has been set.

And on Tuesday, June 4, Brock President Jack Lightstone will announce the details of a commemorative project celebrating the University’s namesake, Maj.-Gen. Sir Isaac Brock.

The announcement happens at 11 a.m. in Pond Inlet and all members of the Brock and Niagara communities are invited to attend.

Thanks to a $1-million private donation, the University will build the commemoration honoring the War of 1812 hero and also marking the University’s 50th anniversary in 2014.

The project, to be completed by May 2014, is intended to become a visiting point for the public, including gathering space consisting of integrated landscaping, lighting and seating.

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One comment on “Artist chosen for Sir Isaac Brock commemorative project”

  1. This is exciting news! It’s about time Brock U had a visual, physical tribute to its namesake! As 2013 marks 30 years since I graduated with my my B.PhEd, & 2014, the 30th anniversary of my B.Ed, I am extremely pleased with the announcement & am really looking forward to the unveiling of the final product!! SERGITE!!!

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