Graduate Fellowships

Graduate Fellowships

Highly skilled graduate students are the next generation of innovators and leaders. They help to translate cutting-edge research into social innovations that will change lives for the better. They create commercial activity that will stimulate economic growth and improve our standard of living. They replenish faculty ranks, address the human resource needs for both the private and public sectors and are integral to the transfer of knowledge from universities to many other sectors of society.

This is why one of the objectives of Brock’s 2014 academic plan is to expand graduate programming and attract and retain excellent graduate students.

With a goal of increasing our graduate student population to 10 per cent of the full-time student equivalent, graduate awards make a critical difference in attracting engaged, well-rounded, responsible and creative graduate students to Brock.

The most significant barrier for a student considering graduate education is financial demands. Graduate students, who often carry significant undergraduate student loans, are attracted to schools offering graduate scholarships, bursaries and awards. By enabling these talented graduate students to attend Brock and dedicate themselves full time to successfully complete their graduate program of study, we’ll advance knowledge and drive innovation that will benefit Niagara, Ontario, Canada and beyond.

Thanks to the Ontario Graduate Fellowship Program, endowed graduate awards have matching opportunity. The program doubles the value of endowed graduate scholarships, bursaries and awards for Canadian and international students.

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