Upcoming Events

Friday October 24th, 2014
5:00pm - 7:30pm, Cairns 207

Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship Networking Event

  • This event is part of the Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship program and is open for Niagara youth (ages 18-29) to attend
  • This interactive workshop will be led by Marsha Shandur, founder of Yes Yes Marsha and will include exercises to help you shift your mindset and ENJOY networking.
  • This workshop will focus on the following topics
    • how to walk up to a stranger at an event (and know what to say)
    • how to remember people's names
    • eye contact and physicality
    • how to say goodbye in a way to foster further contact (and why that's so important!)

Tuesday November 4th, 2014

5:00-7:00pm, ScotiaBank Atrium, Cairns Complex, Brock University

  • Meet and network with fellow student entrepreneurs, researchers and start-up companies
  • Free to attend
  • Registration is required to attend

November 7th, 8th, and 9th

Kick-Start Weekend

  • This weekend long event will be centered around action, innovation and education.
  • The Kick-Start Weekend is the perfect environment in which to test your idea and take the first steps towards launching your own start-up.