Sprocket Science

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Sprocket Science

Pedal Power as well as Brain Power!

The bicycle might be the healthiest machine ever invented. From its early beginnings as a wooden “hobby horse” walking machine to its more familiar two-wheeled riding machine by the 1830s, the bicycle has offered humans freedom of healthy, active movement, the ultimate in environmentally-friendly transportation, and one of the most perfect human-machine interfaces possible.

And among some of the students, staff, and faculty in Applied Health Sciences, the bicycle is a personal passion that reflects their scholarly interest in active, healthy living. As graduate student Emily Allen, says, “I love the fresh air and racing along, all by your own strength. I love the quiet country roads where it’s just you and the road and how hard I can push my body and how fit it makes me feel”.

The greenest of green technologies, a great way to be part of our natural world while moving through it, and a perfect way to express the Applied Health Sciences commitment to its mission to promote health and well-being.

Our Sprocket Scientists. Pedal Power as well as Brain Power!