Growing Up Risky: The H-Beat Goes On

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Growing Up Risky: The H-Beat Goes On

Terrance Wade, Canada Research Chair in Youth and Wellness & Associate Professor of Community Health Sciences

Terry Wade, Canada Research Chair in Youth and Wellness in the Department of Community Health Sciences, knows that growing up healthy is not a guarantee. Heredity, parenting, socioeconomic class, education, physical activity, nutrition. So many risk factors, so many dots to connect to draw the big picture so that research can provide evidence to improve children’s health.

Adults in Canada and the United States have a 90% lifetime risk of developing high blood pressure, one of the strongest predictors of heart disease. And so, knowing that childhood is the foundation for what we experience as adults, Terry and his HBeat team has undertaken a comprehensive study of thousands of children and their activities, surroundings, and actions and how these social factors affect their blood pressure.

Says Terry, “Our study is ground‐breaking in that it shows that high blood pressure and hypertension can and does start at an early age. We’ve pin‐pointed social factors that are linked to elevate blood pressure, and with this knowledge, we can detect these signs early and hopefully reduce risks of cardiovascular disease in adulthood.”

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