Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure Studies (4-year, Community Recreation)

Applied Health Sciences - Recreation & Leisure Studies

Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure Studies (4-year, Community Recreation)

Program: 4-Year Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure Studies (BRLS)
Degree: Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure Studies (BRLS)

The Community Recreation program prepares students with the knowledge, competencies, and philosophical grounding to take a leadership role in the community sector. Courses prepare students for effective practice in public and non-profit settings with courses in organizational development, finance, marketing, programming, planning, and research. Community development and responsiveness to diversity are emphasized, particularly of youth and groups that are marginalized. Fieldwork opportunities and community engagement is embedded throughout the curriculum.

A Bachelor of Recreation & Leisure Studies degree with a concentration in Community Recreation opens the door to a wide variety of job possibilities! Here is just a sample:
• Program Coordinator in municipal recreation, Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs, YW/YMCA
• Municipal planning/community development
• Special Event/Conference/Tournament Coordinator
• Open space, facility and play space development coordinator
• Managing volunteer programs
• Director of a youth program or day camp
• Fundraising/Grant Coordinator
• Corrections facility/transitional services Recreation Programmer
• Manager/Director of staff and facilities
• Community animator or developer
• Program/Entertainment Director at a resort or on a cruise ship
• Marketing & Promotions Director
• Coach/Sport Administrator/Official
• Campus Recreation/Intramural Sport Coordinator at post secondary institution
• Supervisor in an area of program expertise such as aquatics, fitness, early years, school aged, youth or older adults
• Researcher/Consultant

A firm grounding in Recreation & Leisure Studies also enables Community Recreation students to find work in other areas including:

  • Designing and implementing employee wellness, fitness and health promotion programs
  • Health Promoter, Leisure Educator and Counsellor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Teacher/Educational Assistant/College Instructor/Professor

A Bachelor of Recreation & Leisure Studies degree will prepare you for further education:

  • Pre-service education (Teacher's College)
  • Graduate studies (Masters programs)
  • Post degree/diploma certificate programs

* Please note that some careers may require additional professional or graduate qualifications.

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Program Coordinator: If you have any questions , contact Michael Fawkes
Entrance Requirements: Required 4U Subject: English (ENG4U).
Expected Cut-off: Mid 70s

Program Plan: To see the courses required for degree completion and read the full course descriptions - Check the online Undergraduate Course Calendar or contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator.

Faculty: Faculty of Applied Health Sciences (FAHS)

Department: Recreation & Leisure Studies (RECL)

Level: Undergraduate studies