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Thesis Course

Are you a Health Science Major considering the Thesis Course (HLSC 4F90)?

Admission to the thesis course is not guaranteed. This course is normally available only to fourth year HLSC students with a major average of 80% or higher.

If you hope to register for a thesis it is important to understand that it is the student’s responsibility to come to an agreement with a HLSC faculty member to act as a thesis supervisor.

  • The process of finding a thesis supervisor is normally completed in the winter term of Year Three. Brock faculty other than HLSC members can act as supervisors if agreeable.
  • The registration form, which is available from the HLSC Academic Advisor, must be completed and signed by both student and thesis supervisor before the Department Chair can provide authorization.

Once authorized, an over-ride will be provided and course registration will be possible.

Students should first discuss possible thesis options with their prospective supervisor. The thesis is a significant body of original work that can be reasonably completed over two terms. Typically students will meet with their supervisor on a weekly basis to discuss progress. The thesis must have a research component at the core and has an expectation of considerable self-directedness. The thesis itself may take several forms including, but not limited to; a traditional research paper, a manuscript ready for submission to a journal, a fully developed grant proposal, a program plan, or an original promotional or educational materials package (in various media formats).

The thesis must result from some original work completed by the student that incorporates a significant research
component. The nature of the research involved will vary widely depending on the interests of the student and the
background of the supervisor. The written component of the thesis will be supplemented by a public presentation of
the research during an “Abstract Day”. Attendance and participation in scheduled seminars is expected. These seminars will include an evaluated “Proposal Presentation” where each student will present their project proposal
to the seminar for discussion and debate.

The course will be evaluated in three major components:

  1. Proposal Presentation: Presentation of project in seminar.
  2. Abstract Day: Presentation and defense of results in abstract form.
  3. Thesis evaluation by supervisor.

Seminar attendance and participation is an expectation!

The percentage of the grade assigned to each component is to be determined in discussion with the thesis supervisor. The thesis component cannot be valued at less than 50% of the total grade and the abstract presentation and defense will be valued at 20%. Additional evaluation components may be incorporated in order to reflect novel circumstances or projects.

The registration form usually must be completed and submitted prior to May 30. The scheduling of seminars and other evaluation components will be scheduled in September by the department coordinator. The completed thesis must be submitted prior to the first day of the exam period in the Winter Term. Timelines for various components of the project are to be negotiated with the thesis supervisor.


If you have further questions please contact the HLSC Undergraduate Program Coordinator Advisor: HLSC Advisor

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